10 Things I Wish I Knew About Hair Before I Wore It

I always had a hard time getting my hair cut, especially in the summer.

My first haircut, my first haircut was in September of ’97.

And it was a very rough cut.

I was in my early 20s.

I remember being on the bus in L.A. and being like, “Why are you going to cut my hair?

Why are you cutting my hair?”

And the guy is like, “[You’re] going to make it worse.”

The next morning, I woke up in my room in my parents’ house, and it was like, Oh my god.

So I was like 15 years old and I didn’t know anything about hair cutting, and I had no idea how to cut hair.

The first cut I had, it was horrible.

Then I tried to do my hair for my mom, but she didn’t care.

She was like my mother.

She would go to the salon, and there was a lot of people there, and they would say, “Hey, how is your hair?”

It was like a whole different experience.

I remember getting my first real haircut, and that was it.

It was one of those moments where I realized that if I wanted to be a successful model, I was going to have to get into hair and I was only going to get in the salon for one cut.

And I was the first girl to get cut, so it was my first experience with getting cut.

But I knew I wanted it to last forever.

So I kept going.

After about a year and a half, I went to a salon and got my first cut.

It was a big deal.

There were like a dozen people there that day, and we were like, It’s not a good cut.

They were like: “I didn’t have a good haircut.”

And I’m like, Okay, okay, we’ve got a lot to work with here.

But it was good.

At that point, I started getting my own salon.

I started doing the same thing.

I ended up having the best haircut I’ve ever had.

That was when I realized I wanted my hair to last as long as possible.

By then, I had done a lot more than I ever thought possible.

I had really strong, strong hair.

I’ve got really strong hair, too.

So by the time I went back to doing my first regular haircut, it wasn’t a cut that I had to go through again.

When I first got cut, I would wear a wig, but the wig was not that long, and when I would go back, I wore a wig.

Because it was very tight and I’d get it off and I would just go right back in.

And so, I’d do my first full-on hair-cut.

I would do it, I said, “I want to cut this way.”

I had like a five-inch length of hair that was a little bit longer than a five inch length of the wig.

So then I would get in my first two or three weeks of a routine.

In the beginning, I just had to do one.

And then I’d change it up a little.

So one of my best haircuts was my second one.

One of the things that helped me to grow as a stylist was that when I was starting out, I did a lot with the hair.

But once I got to my own place, I learned to do it in a way that was not so long.

And it was just a matter of learning to be patient and not being too quick to cut.

The haircut would always feel so long and then I could put it on again.

I realized, “This is my hair.

It’s my hair.”

And it worked out.

I’d still have a couple of years to go.

As time went on, I got more comfortable with it.

I found myself with a lot less to do, and then one day I was sitting in the kitchen and I just realized, This is what I want to do.

We started working with a stylistic coach.

And he was a stylistics coach, so I started working on a couple different styles.

All of a sudden, I realized there’s something that I’m passionate about.

For the most part, it’s just about the aesthetics of it.

And the beauty of it is it’s so simple, and the hair is so beautiful.

And, it feels so clean and so smooth.

And everything about it, it just feels so good.

So it’s really about aesthetics and what I feel about the style, the style’s the beauty, and not what other people are doing with it, so we’re working together.

It is a new beginning.

You know, I’m still trying to figure out my own