A female hairdrister who was fired from her job over her hair

Hacker News article Posted October 27, 2018 03:06:19 A male hairstylist who was terminated from his job for his hair being too long is suing the company that terminated him, saying he has been harassed by his supervisors and managers for months.

The suit was filed in New York’s state court by Eric B. Cerny, who worked for Durex Salon in New Jersey and was terminated for being “inappropriately” balding.

The lawsuit alleges that his supervisor asked him if he shaved his head and told him, “If you shaved it you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your job.”

He claims the hair removal was part of a routine procedure, which included shaving, waxing and dyeing his hair.

Cerny said his employer told him that because he was balding, he was not allowed to go to the barbershop and get a haircut.

He said he was told he could not wear his hair in public and he was to wait until he had shaved it.

He did not have the option to get a hair cut at the salon because he did not want to get caught by security.

The company’s attorney, James H. Gough, told the court that Cernys hair is long and natural and that it would be inappropriate for him to wear it.

“It’s not a grooming procedure,” Gough said.

“We don’t have a grooming program.”

Cernys attorney, Scott C. Bredesen, told The Associated Press that Censy was not fired over his hair, but for his refusal to have hair extensions.

“There’s no evidence that [the] hairstylist was fired because he wasn’t balding,” Bredsen said.

He added that the suit has been filed in state court because the case was filed before Censys termination.

The salon has not commented on the lawsuit.