Debonair has unveiled the first of its ‘bespoke’ hairstyles

Posted September 25, 2018 07:31:20 A brand new salon is set to open in the capital, Sydney, with salon owners using the latest technology to cater for the growing demand for hairdressers and hairdressing jobs.

Debonair’s Hairdressers Salon is located at the corner of King and Sproul streets in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, with the new facility opening later this year.

“We’ve had a great response from our customers and our customers are looking for the best value,” Debonail Hairdresser, Samantha O’Connor said.

“The salon will offer a number of salon styles including the traditional American style of short, bob hairstyles, a more modern approach with the use of modern technology such as the hairdressing palo alto, a modern twist on the style, a contemporary style with the introduction of a modern hairstyle and the introduction to the new generation of new haircuts,” Ms O’Connor said.

Deb on the front line in Sydney’s growing hair industryThe salon opened its doors to the public on Thursday, with patrons able to choose from three different styles.

The first salon, in a large kitchen, will cater for customers with short hair and a “trendy” look.

Customers will also be able to visit the salon to have their hair cut and customise it.

The salon also has a barber, and a dry cleaning and haberdasher in the salon.

The barber will be paid $15 an hour and will perform a number to the barber.

Customs is also looking to attract more clients.

“Customers are coming to the salon because they want the most comfortable and professional hair,” Ms Anderson said.”[Customers] want the best prices and best service and we’re hoping to deliver on that.”

Customers can also choose from an array of hair styles, including a modern bob, a classic bob and a classic pompadour.

Customer favourite, a bob that’s more contemporary, will also have a dry shampoo added to it.

“If you want to get a new look and you want it in the right style and with the right colour you can go to the shop,” Ms Phelan said.

Ms Anderson said the salon will be located in a space that can accommodate the needs of more than 10 people.

“You’re not going to have to worry about the height, the width or the depth of the salon,” she said.

Customed in the CBDThe salon’s owner, Samantha Phelans, said she hoped customers would come and enjoy the experience.

“It’s not a salon.

It’s a barbershop and it’s open for everyone,” Ms Ahern said.

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