Donovan hairstylist ‘lives in poverty because of her disability’

A woman who uses a wheelchair has been denied a job at a Toronto hairdressor’s shop because of the fact that she doesn’t have an identification card, according to CBC News.

Dana Haney, a 32-year-old disabled woman, has worked for the Toronto-based chain Dana Hairstylists since 2014, according a statement from her employer, The Crown Hair Salon.

Haney said she received a job offer last month, but it wasn’t enough for her to receive the full $15 an hour she earned.

“I am working a lot, and I do this for me and my family.

I can’t live on $15 [an hour],” she said.

Hirdressing is an art form and is an extremely difficult occupation for the disabled.

The CBC reported that the average disability-based wage for a full-time employee in Canada is $23,300 a year.

Dane Sinclair, a spokesman for The Crown, said that he did not know the gender of the applicant and did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Haid’s employer told CBC that they’re looking into the matter and are working with the city to improve the hiring process.

Handy is not the first business to find themselves in this predicament.

In 2016, an Ontario court found a woman with a disability in this situation had to wait six months to be hired for a job as a hairstylist at a salon in Vancouver.