‘Hairdressing’ Christmas decorations will be up for sale at a Seattle salon in January 2018

Hairdressers in Seattle, Washington, will be able to sell decorations on their website starting Jan. 1, 2018, with the first two days free.

“I think it’s great to have the option to be creative,” said Jessica Bourgeois, a salon owner and hairstylist who said she was inspired to start selling Christmas decorations.

“It’s great for our customers because we’re seeing so much demand for these kinds of items,” she said.

“The decorations are fun, but they’re also a lot of work to make.

It’s a challenge for us.”

For the salon, the first day of sale will include a festive display of the holiday season’s best decorations.

For the salon’s first two weeks of sales, Bourgeois said, they will only be selling Christmas ornamets, including Santa hats and scarves.

“Christmas is the perfect time for us because we have so much of the season coming up and people are starting to take notice,” she added.

Bourgeois said she is happy with the idea of her salon opening up to customers this holiday season.

“We’ve had people coming in and saying they want to come see our decorations,” she explained.

“We’re excited for the future, but we are also a little concerned about our staff.”

Bourgeois says her goal is to have up to 60 people in the salon during the first week of January, which would be her busiest week.