Hairstylist in viral video is in the spotlight as he pleads with a fan

PANDORA HAWDESSER CLIPART A Chicago-area hairdressor has been in the headlines for allegedly dressing up as a superhero in a video, with some calling for him to be fired.

Chris Oliver is a hairderer and cosplayer who performs at local events and conventions, and his video, “PANDORAH HAWDNESSER”, is part of a larger trend of women dressing up to impersonate heroes, including former NHL player Kris Draper.

But he’s been slammed by a group of men for dressing up in a cape, in what they say is sexist.

The video, shot last month, shows Oliver dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman, who are portrayed as characters in the film “Superman Returns” and are part of the superhero team the Justice League.

Oliver is in a costume with a cape that covers his body, and he is seen holding a bat in his right hand, as he tells the audience to “please stop”.

In the video, Oliver said he was doing it for “the love of the game”, and said it was meant to be “super funny”.

“My goal is to be a superhero, and to bring people together,” Oliver said.

“This is my passion.

I want to bring joy to everyone around me, and show them how important this sport is.”

But many of Oliver’s followers are angry that he’s wearing the costume in the first place.

“I don’t know why he’d want to do this, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable,” one Twitter user wrote.”

What a jerk.

This is a huge waste of money and talent.

This guy is a complete moron.”

The hairdresseser has since deleted the video.

Oliver said that he did not want to be identified, saying he felt “uncomfortable” in the public eye.

“You know I’m a huge fan of comics, and I love superheroes.

I’m proud of that, but this video just made me feel like I’m being discriminated against,” Oliver told CBC Chicago.

He said he does not condone the video and believes it is just a fan video.

“It’s just an attempt to get attention.

I love that it’s getting traction.

I’d like people to realize this is what I do, and this is the type of person I am,” Oliver added.”

The video doesn’t really represent my views, but if someone thinks that I’m doing something wrong, that’s their opinion.”

In a statement, Oliver wrote that he hopes the community can “let my name go viral”, adding that he feels “a great responsibility to the fans of the sport and the city of Chicago”.

Oliver said he hopes to “give back to the community” by working with other hairdriers and cosplayers.

“We are going to have a lot of fun with this, and hopefully people will take notice,” Oliver wrote.

“As the new CEO of a hairlineser, I hope to help the industry grow.”