Happy birthday to the birthday girl of Al Jazeera

Happy birthday, baby!

Happy birthday!

Happy baby!

This is the birthday boy of the Al Jazeera team.

The birthday boy was born in the hospital and his mother, a hairdressing assistant, had to come home to take him home to her family in Dubai.

I don’t think she expected him to have such a big impact on her life.

I was really impressed with how he worked with her to make her feel more comfortable.

The boy had a really good attitude.

We are really proud of him and excited about him.

He loves to dance.

He’s a little boy who likes to play with dolls and toys.

He also likes to eat ice cream and have some cake.

I can tell he loves sweets.

We don’t really have a birthday party for him.

But he’s been really good at playing with the toys and eating ice cream.

The day we were born, we had no idea that we were going to have a son.

But then he started to look so happy.

He likes to have fun and to play and is happy to share with his friends.

He really enjoys his life.

He just enjoys life and he loves to be a father.

Happy birthday baby!

We are going to miss you, baby.

Thank you for everything.

Happy Birthday, baby, and we love you!

We wish you a very happy birthday, and a very, very happy and healthy one too.

– Al Jazeera World News