Hire hairdressing professionals to cut hair

The hairdresses in Mumbai are being forced to hire foreign workers because of a shortage of skilled labour in the country.

The number of hairdrips and barbers has increased by over 30 per cent over the past decade, which has forced the government to bring in foreign workers to help out with the work.

The government has been seeking foreign labour for over a year now, but there has been a shortage.

The problem is because the Indian labour market is so rigid, the government is forcing them to recruit foreign labour, said Sanjeev Bajaj, managing director of a barber shop in Mumbai.

“We can’t afford to hire someone from abroad.

We are asking for foreign workers who will be better qualified and we will give them a cut,” he said.

He said that since the government has cut the workforce of the hairdressed professions by 40 per cent in the past three years, it has become a tough situation for the hairstressers.

“They are facing a lot of pressure, they have to be ready to go for any job.

If they go for a job, they will need to bring the same quality of clothes as the ones they already have,” he added.

Bajaj said that he had asked his clients to bring some foreign workers with them.

“There is a shortage in foreign labour in India.

The government has imposed a cap of 200 foreign workers per month for the next two years, but we can’t even meet the demand.

We need foreign workers,” he explained.