How to change your face for the better

LESBIAN HAIR DETAILS Determined to make sure that her hair doesn’t turn grey, Kavita is determined to make her hair look as beautiful as it is beautiful.

“When I get the chance, I make sure to dye my hair dark as much as possible,” she says.

“I don’t dye my roots and the ends of my locks.”

After finishing her hair, she adds, “I wash it with hot water and rinse it with a damp cloth and then dry it with cotton wool.”

The result?

“A beautiful black and red headband with an old school look,” Kavitas says.

Her hair style has brought a new level of confidence to Kavitas family.

“After my mother passed away, my father told me that he was a bit worried about my hair, and he also asked me what I wanted for Christmas,” Kajita says.

His response, however, was simple.

“Make sure you take the right care and use the right products.”

“I always take care of my hair,” she adds.

The family has decided to keep Kavitala’s natural style.

“We will make sure we continue to do that even after I am dead,” she concludes.