How to change your hairstyle at home

Hairstyles are changing in Britain, with the popularity of more sophisticated haircuts seen in new markets and in emerging cities such as Mumbai.

But the style is still seen in many parts of the country, and many people have trouble choosing between their two haircuts.

This quiz will show you how to choose the right hair colour for you and how to change it if you do. 1.

Hair colour for men: If you’re looking for a manly haircut, try a black or a brown, which is more common in darker-skinned regions of the UK.

Black hair is seen as being more natural, while brown is more popular in the Midlands.


Hair color for women: Women tend to prefer darker hair colours, such as brown, grey and black, which are more common among ethnic minorities.


Hair style for women?

If you want a hairstyle that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, try to mix it up with other styles, such in-between, in the middle or even top.


What is a hairdo?

A hairdyle is the collection of hair pieces that cover a person’s head.

Hair is often styled into different styles, from a simple straight bob to a bob that covers your eyes.

The term hairdos refers to the way hair is put together, rather than the colour of the hair.


What’s the difference between a hair style and a haircut?

A hairstyle is a style or style combination of hair that is put into place to achieve a certain look.

A haircut is the opposite, which usually involves the removal of hair from the head to reveal a more natural shape.