How to find a salon for your hair color needs

DALLAS — It’s a new job.

But there’s a good chance you’ll get a haircut.

That’s what happened to a Dallas woman, who worked at a salon where she was hired as a hairstylist.

Now she’s suing the Dallas-area salon for unfair dismissal.

She says she was told her job was for a year, but it was only for six months.

And she was never paid a commission for her work, despite working at a salons in Houston and Dallas.

And now she’s getting her day in court.

The lawsuit filed Friday alleges that the Dallas salon hired the wrong woman for the job, and the wrong hairstylists.

The salon hired Rachel Biederman for the position of hairstylister, and she’s charged with stealing $7,000 from the salon.

The salon’s manager told Biederm that her job at the salon was only six months, but she was actually working for about three years, according to the lawsuit.

Biederm also alleges that she was paid $400 a month for her job, which the salon’s owner allegedly never provided to her.

It was only after the lawsuit was filed that the salon provided Biederc to the manager, who then told her that she should quit and go home, the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff says she left the salon after a month and was offered another job in another city.

Bielerm has also filed a lawsuit against the salon owner, the salon manager, and a salon employee, alleging they failed to adequately supervise her.