How to fix your hair after the worst snowstorm in Colorado history

The snowstorm that slammed parts of Colorado on Friday has left a trail of destruction on roads and highways.

The snow, which came in at a whopping 12 inches, has caused road closures and caused the closure of a number of major highways in the state.

“The snowstorm has caused significant road closures in Colorado, including some major highway closures in the area of the town of Broomfield,” the Colorado Department of Transportation said.

“We are encouraging everyone to take care of their vehicles and to avoid the roads.

Traffic is expected to be light throughout the region on Sunday and into Monday.”

In some areas, road closures are expected to last for hours and cause significant traffic delays.

“The department added that traffic should be allowed to flow through the area as long as no damage is done to roads.

The department is also encouraging motorists to be on the lookout for downed power lines, downed trees and downed power poles.

The snow is the third heaviest on record in Colorado.

The storm is expected for a second day on Sunday.

The state is still experiencing record snowfall, with more than a foot on some parts of the ground, with the heaviest snow falling in the mountains of Boulder County and Lake Havasu.

The heaviest snowfall in Colorado occurred in the Denver metro area, with 4.4 inches in Boulder County alone, according to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Center in Denver said the storm was expected to drop more than 4 inches of snow overnight and up to 5 inches in the morning.

In the Boulder area, about 2.4 feet of snow fell overnight, according the National Hurricane Center.

In addition to the storm, there were three separate storms in the region this weekend.

The first storm was an accumulation of snow from Friday through Sunday that led to severe weather warnings for the Denver area, according for the National Park Service.

The second storm was a storm that moved through the mountains overnight with significant winds.

The third storm was heavy snow in the Boulder and Lake communities on Sunday, causing significant damage.

The Denver Post reported that the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Department for Transportation responded to two separate accidents, and that there were reports of power outages.