‘I had to take this seriously’: Hairdresser charged with murder after killing woman

The victim’s husband said the couple met the man online in 2014.

He was upset with her for going to an art class.

He didn’t know she was dating a man and was angry at her for saying no.

“He’s an amazing guy.

He’s been a great husband to me for 25 years,” the husband, Joe, told the court.

“He’s not an abusive person.

He cares about his family, and he cares about my family.

He wanted to make sure we didn’t go through anything, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”

Joe said he and his wife had a falling out after the man told him that he was going to marry a woman.

Joe said the man threatened to harm their children.

He told the jury that the man started getting increasingly aggressive.

“I got really scared.

I had to step out of there,” Joe said.

“I felt like he was trying to kill me.”

The court heard the man was upset that the woman hadn’t asked him out.

He called her a “faggot.”

He told her she was “a piece of shit.”

The man told his wife that he would kill her and her children.

He also threatened to kill her family and threatened to burn down her house, the court heard.

After she left the house, Joe said he got a text message from the man saying, “I have my gun, I’m going to kill you.”

He called police, but no one responded.

He went to the police station, but the officer told him to call the man’s wife.

Joe told the judge that his wife left the home and drove away.

The woman called police and told them that the husband was a “bad guy.”

The officer told Joe that his phone had been “scammed” and the husband would be arrested.

Joe testified that he called police at 1:45 a.m. on March 17, 2020.

He said he was in the parking lot of a hair salon, and saw the man with the gun.

Joe said that as he approached the man, the man grabbed him by the back of the head.

He said the gun was pointed at him.

Joe told the officer that the gun “was going off.

I didn’t hear anything, I don’t know what it was.”

Joe testified the man hit him on the head and then started to drag him away.

Joe went to a hospital and was treated for a concussion and other injuries.

He testified that the officers were “unbelievably nice” and gave him a “gold star.”

Joe was arrested the next day, and police found the gun and two magazines in the man of the house’s car.

The man pleaded guilty to a number of charges and was sentenced to a year in jail.