‘It’s about being who you are’: The new Dwayne Johnson -The Legend of the Living Dead’ book by Patricia Highsmith

‘It was really great.

It was a real pleasure.’

Patricia Highson, who has been working with the author for over 20 years, said: ‘It is an interesting time for the industry.

People are looking for the same things again.

The idea of people living in a fantasy world is not only very different from what we are seeing in the real world.’

It’s really interesting for people to have this new look at a classic character.

‘Dwayne is the ultimate example of what it is to be a legend, and it’s about having the best hair in the business.’

Patricia, who was also a hair stylist for The Rock and Jennifer Lopez, has since become the head of Dwayne’s hair salon, with the book to be published on June 15.

‘It really feels like a rebirth, I mean, it’s just been a dream of mine,’ she said.

‘I feel so lucky to be working with Dwayne.’

Patricia said she is particularly excited about the book, which has inspired many other female hairstylists.

‘There are so many new women who are making the leap, but also people who are not sure who to be and I think it’s wonderful that we are creating a space where there is space for all of those women,’ she added.

‘We’ve seen this happen in the past.

There is no doubt that the industry is a great place for women.

‘And I think the best thing is that we can all learn from Dwayne.

He is an example of how to do it, so it’s all part of the same movement.’

The book will be the subject of a TV series to be broadcast on Channel 5.

‘The Living Dead,’ which starred Dwayne, stars Mark Ruffalo, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, Dolly Parton, Michelle Williams, John Goodman and Dwayne and his brother, Dwayne Jr, who are all on the film’s team.

The book is a collaboration between Patricia and author Patricia Highsmith, who worked with Danyal Hirst on her book ‘The Girl Who Got Away.’

‘It took years for me to figure out how to work with D’Artagnan and Patricia, and I’m so happy I finally have a book that I’m excited about.’

The new series will include interviews with Darnell Jackson, Darnelly’s agent, and actress Carrie-Anne Moss, who played the lead in the movie.

‘My hope is that this book will give the D’Arts and Darnells of the world a bit of insight into what it’s like to work as a female hair styler and what it feels like to be in the industry,’ Patricia said.

Darnall Jackson was born on June 11, 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and spent time in New York City, Paris and Tokyo before graduating from Louisiana State University in 1989.

He later landed a role on “The Sopranos”, where he played a cop who helps the DEA investigate the drug kingpin and his henchman, Anthony Belardo.

D’Aquino’s character is also a close friend of D’Angelo.

Dwayne was introduced to D’Armagnan when the former rapper and current singer appeared on D’Este’s “The Love Below”.

‘The thing that surprised me was that he was so good looking, he had so much charisma,’ Darnalls dad, Mark, said.’

And he was such a likable character.

He was just a fun character.

We had the time of our lives.

I mean it was unbelievable.’

I remember him as a young man, I think he was five or six years old, he went to my place.

And we just watched TV together and he was always so good at what he did.

And I thought, wow, D’Warnall, you’re a legend.’

‘I’m so proud to be his dad,’ D’Awrk said.

Patricia’s mother, Patricia, was also the only daughter of the legendary rapper, who died in 2005.

She was a model, actress, model agent, dancer, model and teacher.

Danyar said his daughter is a model for the rest of his life, as well as being a talented singer.

‘Her talent is amazing, she is just so talented,’ Danyam said.

The pair are now married and D’Ors is now on the cover of Danyall’s book ‘D’Oran’s Guide to the World’.

‘The love below’ is available to order now.

More to come.

This story originally appeared on The Telegraph and was reproduced with permission.