The Latest: Kris Kardashia and Karen Kashian to Be Named New Directors of HBO’s ‘Veep’

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By Chris Hays, The Times Of IndiaIt’s a good time for an announcement!

Kris Kardsashian, the Emmy-winning host of the hit Comedy Central show “The Colbert Report,” is set to be named the new head of HBO as the network’s chief content officer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The news comes a day after the news was first reported by Variety.

In the coming months, Kardsanians “Veep” show, set to air in March on HBO, will expand into a third season, following “Veeps” finale and a third installment of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” comedy show.

In February, HBO announced the hiring of a new director of “Veeping” for a second season.

Kardashians announcement comes as HBO is in the midst of making “Veewise,” the new series about its popular “Veggietales” franchise, a reality.

The network’s announcement of Kardsa’s hiring comes as it prepares to launch the “Veething” documentary series, set for launch in June.

“We’re excited to announce that the new HBO Chief Content Officer is Kris KARDASHIAN.

He brings a unique blend of experience, insight and deep knowledge of the entertainment industry to our business and brings an unmatched track record of success,” HBO said in a statement.

The report comes days after the network also announced it will release a “Vegan documentary” and the first “Veers” episode, which will be a six-part series on HBO.

Kardsa is expected to join HBO in a similar role as executive producer of “Curious George” in the coming weeks.

The “Veek” series was created by “Vege Tohsaka, who will serve as executive director, and was produced by Karda.

The first season of the show will premiere on HBO in March, with a second installment scheduled for May.