‘This is the last nail in the coffin’: Australia’s first ‘real’ ‘hairy’ bald man dies in hospital

Posted May 10, 2018 06:16:36 The first real “hairy” Australian man has died in hospital after suffering from a heart attack, aged 66.

Melbourne man George Hird had been battling depression for more than a decade.

George Hird, pictured here in 2012, had a heart condition that left him unable to speak for days at a time.

He was 68 when he died.

He was one of just two “hairs” in Australia to have died of a heart issue, according to the ABC.

His family, including his mother, have described him as “a beautiful man with a smile on his face”.

“He would have loved to be a dog owner, a fisherman or a rock climber,” he said.

“But we knew we were just going to get this.”

He was a wonderful man, a wonderful person, and a great friend.

“Mr Hird was in a Melbourne hospital on Tuesday after his body was found at his home on Saturday morning.

ABC Melbourne’s Dr Paul Kipp said it was unclear what caused the condition that would have caused Mr Hird to be unable to breathe for two days.

Dr Kipp described it as a “heart attack” and said it had not been treated at the time.

It was not immediately clear how long Mr Hant had been in hospital.

The ABC’s senior medical correspondent, Dr Pauline O’Connor, said it appeared that the cause of death was a heart block, rather than a heart defect.

She said a heart scan was being done but did not know the cause.

Mr Kipp added that it was “difficult to say” how long the man’s life had been without breathing.

A “real” “happy” bald man, George Houd, died in 2010.

‘Hairy’ Australian man dies of a serious heart condition after falling into pool of blood article The death has shocked the community, with some saying Mr Houd was a “real hairy man”.

He had lost nearly two decades of life to his condition and died on Saturday, a few hours after being discharged from hospital.

Mr Hurd said the “wonderful man” would be “loved forever”.

George, who had lived with his wife and two daughters, was found by his wife’s mother and uncle at their home on Friday morning, a day after the couple were due to celebrate their 100th wedding anniversary.

Neighbours said Mr Hirst had been living alone and would often walk his dogs, including a two-year-old puppy, to the park to play with them.

Family friend Lisa Boulter said the couple lived alone, but Mr Hight’s friends were not sure how they had managed to make it this far.

He loved his country and was very proud of his heritage.” “

He was the kind of guy who was very good with his family, with his neighbours.”

He loved his country and was very proud of his heritage.”

George had lived alone for decades, and was one in a long line of Australians who had died from the condition.

Professor Mark Kavanagh, an expert on baldness at the University of Melbourne, said Mr Boulters “had been in touch with other bald Australians about the condition” and had been told about the death.

Australian men make up one of the highest death rates in the world.

Australia has the second-highest death rate of any developed country, behind only the United States, according the latest statistics from the World Health Organization.

Around one-third of Australians have at least one hair loss disorder, according a 2016 study.

Last year, the ABC reported on a “honeymoon” trip to England where a man lost about 50 per cent of his hair.

Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr David Pinder, said the condition could be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, obesity and stress.

There was no specific treatment for baldness, he said, but there were treatments that “may help with the symptoms”.

Mr Boulster said she hoped the man would be remembered as “an amazing man” who had “gave his life for the community”.

His mother, Barbara, who has since remarried, said she was “so sad” that she had “lost him”.

She was quoted as saying: “He has a great sense of humour and always had a smile.

I can’t even describe the feeling of losing him, he was so happy and full of life.

This is so hard on our family.

We will miss him so much, I’m just so sad.

“George’s sister, Susan Hird-Hird, said her family were “absolutely devastated”. “[George