Trump’s chief political strategist is ‘deeply troubled’ by his friend’s ties to Russia

John Bolton has said he has “deeply troubling” ties to the Kremlin.

| AP Photo Bolton calls for sanctions to be ‘tougher than ever’ on Russia article The former ambassador to the United Nations said on Tuesday he wants to impose “more stringent sanctions” on Russia than previously considered.

| POLITICO Staff John Bolton says sanctions on Russia are ‘tough’ than ‘ever’The former U.N. ambassador said he would impose “toughest sanctions” possible on Russia, including “a total embargo on its air space, on its military equipment, on the economic activities of the Russian Federation, on Russian-owned and controlled media, on state-controlled media, as well as all state-owned assets and any entities controlled by them.”

He also called for a “full investigation” into allegations that Russian military officers were involved in the hacking of Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

“We can and must take all necessary steps to protect our national security, but we cannot and will not be deterred by any single measure, including sanctions, that would impede our efforts to protect the American people and our democracy,” Bolton said in a statement.

He said the United States is “on a path toward total war” with Russia.

Bolton is a longtime critic of President Donald Trump, who has said that Russia was behind a “vast conspiracy” to influence the election.

The former diplomat, who is also a CNN contributor, is now a contributor for Fox News.