Two of UK’s biggest hair salons have been closed down

Two hair salon chains have closed in the UK after their owners, owners of a salon chain, were arrested in Turkey.

The closures of Haircutters Bristol and Azzalina have been announced by the British Association of Hairdressers and Shops.

The association said that two owners of Haircuts Bristol were arrested on Thursday on charges of “attempting to commit an indictable offence against the state and a punishable offence under the Official Secrets Act 2000.”

The association added that the arrests followed a probe into allegations that the owners of the salon chain were using false passports and had been involved in fraud.

“This investigation has led to the closure of the two Haircuts Bristol chains and the immediate closure of Azzallina,” it said in a statement.

“Azzallinna has been closed, but the hair saloon chains will continue to operate.”

Azzalini, a chain which has been in operation since 2000, has been the subject of two separate investigations into allegations of fraud and false documentation.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, one of the owners, Michael Breen, was arrested on January 26 after he was arrested in Istanbul on charges related to the operation of the chain.

He was later released on bail pending further investigations.

Haircuts Bristols operations in Britain have also been suspended pending further inquiries.