What are kids hairstylist jobs?

By JAY SWEETMANPosted July 15, 2018 12:25AMLEXINGTON, Ky.

— A young Kentucky boy who grew up with a father who used to work in the hair salon business says he’s been “working my way back” to the job.

But not fast enough.

After months of being away from his parents, 17-year-old Josh Haney says he found himself lost in the industry, working odd jobs and even living in the house of a friend who did the hair service for his mother.

Now he says he wants to become a hair stylist for the elderly.

Josh Haney, 17, is a Kentucky boy with a long, long, distinguished history of working odd hours in the beauty industry.

He says his father had the idea to bring him in for a hair salon job when he was 16, but they had no money.

Josh says he wanted to go to college but was not accepted into any schools.

When Josh came back, he was told that he had to be employed and he had no choice but to take the job and he did.

The first job that Josh ever did was at a local salon in Louisville where he worked for eight hours a day.

Josh worked there for six months before he found a job as a hair dresser in Birmingham, Ala.

He says his family was not happy with the job, but the business changed in the next couple of years.

Josh has since started working at a salon in Nashville and says he is proud to be a part of that.

Josh is also very excited to work for the family he grew up working with.

He said he wanted his parents to know that he loves them dearly.

“I want them to know how much I miss them.

I miss everything they did for me.

They are the ones that gave me the opportunity to grow up and have that opportunity,” Josh said.

Josh said he feels lucky to be able to work at a place that he believes is “just as important as the big name hair salon that is out there.”

“I would not want my life to be anything but what I did in that salon.

That was a big part of my life, being a hairstylist,” Josh explained.

Josh hopes to get back into the business in the future, and he said he will not give up his dream of getting a job in the big wig business.

Josh was originally from the rural town of Lexington in the state of Kentucky, but he moved to Louisville in the summer of 2018 and started working odd shifts at a nearby salon.

“It was so exciting because I would work in one hour, then work for six hours and then be able come home and sleep,” Josh told ABC News.

Josh told ABC affiliate WKYT-TV that he wants his father to know he has a job.

“They didn’t have the money to pay me and they didn’t know how to give me the money so I got a job and I have a job now,” Josh Hanes said.

“I just want them, they are the most important thing.

They made my dreams come true.”

Josh is now trying to find work in a larger salon and hopes to start working on weekends.