What is ‘hairdressers’?

A haircut is an extremely popular hairstyle in Australia, particularly in the north of the country, and there’s nothing quite like a quick one.

It’s the first thing most people notice when they walk into the salon, so you want to be in the best position to make your hair the perfect shade of blonde.

However, it’s not always a straight haircut, with some styles being more complex and others more straight-forward.

This infographic from ABC Digital explains the different types of haircuts, how to decide what style you’re looking for, and what you can expect when it comes to your hair.

1 / 5 Blonde hair, straight hair or bobby pins?

If you’re going for a straight hair, it may be worth checking out the “blonde” and “straight” options to find the right cut.

Blonde haircuts usually feature a simple, straight bob or braid.

Some people opt for a full-braid or bumblebee hairstyle.

While these styles are a little more complicated, the result is generally the same: a bang of white hair with a hint of colour on the sides.

If you’ve got some extra bangs, it could also be worth trying a full, braid-like style to really emphasise your curls.

You can find straight haircuts at many beauty shops in the northern states of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, but you can also find them at some online retailers such as eBay and Amazon.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your hair: If you have bangs or curls, you may want to opt for straight styles as they’ll give you more bangs.

If your bangs are shorter than the rest of your head, you’ll need to make sure your hair isn’t too long.

This means you’ll also need to consider the length of your hair on the back, and how long you need to add to the bangs before adding a full braid or straight bob.

If there’s any way you can wear a hairband, it will also need some extra length.

If not, you can always use a wig to add some extra volume.

If the hair is longer than your head it could be best to try something shorter, such as a ponytail.

You could also opt for some bangs and curls on the front and sides.

To get the most bangs with bangs: Try adding hairbands and bumblebees to add extra volume to your bang.

Try using a pony or headband, such a the One Day Wonder Band from Makeup Geek, which costs $80 and comes with five bumblebangs for $35.

Or try using a wig, such the Hairband-A-Gap Hairpiece from Beautylish.

Try adding a braided hairband or a bob to add more volume to the hairline.

2 / 5 How to find a straight hairstyle for girls This is the second post in this series where we explain the basics of hair.

For more tips on hair styling and styling basics, check out our post on hair styles and how to find them.


Choose your hairstyle Before you can find your ideal haircut, you need a good idea of what type of hairstyle you want.

Some hairstyles are more formal than others, and many are more colourful than others.

This is also a good time to check if the style of hair is appropriate for your age group.

Some styles will be more common in your age range than others and will require some styling experience to get the right look.

Check the styling basics you need before you decide on your next haircut.


Pick the style The first thing you should look for is the style you want in the salon.

Do you want a full length or shorter style?

If so, the style may require you to be dressed in formal clothing.

It might also be important to find out how much of the hair should be styled on each side.

If so it’s best to start with a straight style, which usually requires a little bit more work.

If it’s more of a bumble bee style, you might want to take your time on the styling to get to a good mix.

If no style is right for you, check with the stylist to see if there are other styles available.


Select the type of hair The first hairstyle to choose is the type that will suit your hair type.

A bumble braid will suit a lot of hair types, so the more bangy the hair, the more you need.

A long, bumble bun may be ideal for a bumbling blonde, or a braid that runs the length to the side, giving the hairstyle a bobby pin style.

You might also want to check with a stylist about the length you should add to your hairstyles.

If these are not right