What’s in a Name?

RTE 5:21 A new trend has been born, and it has become known as hairdressing spray bottles.

It all started when a hairdrister decided to put up a spray bottle on her store.

The spray bottle came in a large cardboard box and the only thing inside was the name of the product, and a bottle.

Within weeks, the bottle had become popular and a number of customers began calling up to complain.

A few days later, the company behind the product started receiving calls from customers.

“The customers told us they were very happy with the product and wanted to continue to buy it,” says the founder, Anurag Shrivastava.

So the company took the issue to the authorities and filed a police complaint.

Two days later they received a notice from the local police station saying that the company was under investigation for fraud and criminal breach of trust.

They were also looking for the name and address of the owner of the bottle, who is still at large. 

This week, the local media reported that the local court has ruled in the hairdressor spray bottle’s favour and ordered it to be destroyed.

For Anuradha Shrivas, it is a win-win for the haired person and the brand.

In a city where people are often fined for wearing a hairstyle that they do not like, she said: “I think this is a huge win for us as well as the local community.”

It is a symbol of our struggle, which is not only against the hares, but also against those who use the name.

“We hope that it helps the city to stop the misuse of the name.” 

What’s in your name?

What is a name?