When barbie was the hottest girl in the world, there was a backlash

Posted September 05, 2018 15:24:38When I was 16, I was a barbie hairstylist.

It was a dream job.

I was always a fan of the fashion and hair products I saw on TV and the barbie models on TV.

I thought I’d become one.

But when I first came to Melbourne in the mid-1990s, it was like being in a club.

You were the star of the show, with the hottest girls, all in a room, all wearing ridiculous makeup.

The first time I saw one of my friends was at a party at the Hilton.

The other girls were dressed as barbie barbies and the bouncers were in the back with the bouncer’s hat on, and the girls were drinking and dancing and dancing.

It was really weird.

There was a lot of drinking.

The first night we were there, I thought, ‘How are we going to get a drink here?

This is just for fun’.

I remember one girl got so drunk she threw up in the middle of the bar and went to the toilet.

I don’t know what happened afterwards.

I remember a lot about that night, and I remember it was pretty rough.

Barbie haired girls were the most sought after and most expensive fashion models in the industry, and for good reason.

The models were paid up to $300,000 a year and their clothes were sold for $20,000.

But it was also a bit of a money grab.

The hairdresses and models had no real social lives and were mostly isolated from one another.

It wasn’t until I started working as a barber in 2000 that I realised I’d had an influence on some of them.

When I got the job, I went to one of the top-end hairdression and stylist agencies in Melbourne and I’d met all the top models.

I was like, ‘Oh, I have an influence.

I can give them a look.

What do I need to do?’

So I went into a salon and I had a look on my face.

The barbers and stylists there were like, “This is the best barbie we’ve ever seen.”

It was one of those rare moments when you see someone you know you can get a great look.

I remember when I met Barbie, she had this huge barbie wig and she had that amazing smile.

She was very gorgeous.

The barbers in the room were like: ‘Wow.

This is the one’.

I’m like, I’ve never seen her smile like that before.

She’s like, wow.

I had the hair cut by her and they were all so beautiful.

They were like super nice people.

She was like a little girl.

She didn’t look like an adult at all, but she was super cute and super talented.

Barbies were really expensive.

You’d pay $20-30,000 for your hair.

And they were super beautiful.

It’s funny that Barbie had such a huge influence on me, because she was actually the only girl I went out with in my first year at university.

I started dating a barbeque girl and I would get to hang out with Barbie and she’d go on dates with the girls.

I just loved it.

She started talking about barbie girls in my school, and she said, ‘I really like you.

You’re really beautiful, Barbie.

I’m not looking for any boys.’

It was like I had this whole new world.

I met a few girls, and then she met me.

She’d been in the same barber shop as me for two years and I was just starting to date my barbeques.

Barbies are just so amazing, and they’re not only the most expensive models in Australia, they’re also the best.

They’re the most glamorous, the most successful, the best-looking, the smartest.

There’s something about them that’s so beautiful that it brings you out of yourself and makes you think, ‘Wow, I really like this person’.